How To unlock Facebook account

How to unlock Facebook account if locked. Many times it is seen that friend verification comment verification comes in our Facebook account, in this case we will discuss in detail what to do.

How To Unlock Facebook Account | Facebook Account Locked How To Unlock | FB ID Lock

Facebook Accunt Unlock 

If the Facebook account is locked, to unlock it, first we need to log in the id that is locked by Facebook.

Facebook account lock unlock

There is an option called Get Started, click on that option. Then you can see how to unlock your account, confirm that this is your account by clicking on the next option

facebook locked how to unlock fb account locked how to unlock

Then you can see under the text confirm that this is your account you can see get a code on your phone, get a code by email you can choose any one of the two options. I select the phone number. If you select gat a gmail code then gmail will go to a code and put the code. Mobile number Sylhet mobile number will receive active code, enter the code.

unlock facebook account locked facebook account unlock

After reading the quote you will see all your login details are showing then click on next option. Then if you want, you can delete all the login options you want from here with Tickmark which you want to date. If you don't want to delete, click on the Don't Remove Anything option.

unlock facebook account locked facebook account unlock

It will then ask you to create a new password. Select a new password as you wish and click on the Next button. Then you can see your account will be unlocked.

Fb Lock Unlock 

Again many times it is seen in the system that we first unlocked the Facebook lock. Many times friend verification is seen in the system, not everyone's ID comes. Or if you make wrong selection more than two times when it comes to comment verification then your account may be permanently locked in which case you have to submit NID to bring back the account. So make a note of the date of birth and name you give while opening the Facebook account, it will help you a lot to recover the account later. If you don't have NID card or driving license then you can recover the account by cricketing a ticket to buy a flat. If you remember your date of birth and name then create a NID card according to the Sen name. And if you submit NID card but it is found that the Facebook name and date of birth day and NID card do not match, the aunt will be permanently deleted from your account.

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