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how to set up google search console

 Today I will show you how to submit any of your website to  Google Search Console or Blogger site or WordPress site.

What happens when you add a Google Search Consol website?

  If you add a website to the Google Search Console, the posts you have will reach the Google search engine and if you search by typing Google about your post, your post will show up on everyone.

 How to add a domain or website to Google Search Console

First we need to verify our domain with Google Search Console 

Domain Google Search Console How to Register You can watch the video link given below

After completing the verification, we have to submit the sitemap

Below is the same video link on how to submit sitemap

After submitting the site map, if you do a Google search for our website, the ad is complete

how to add my website to google search

connect to google search console

how to set up google search console google search console www and non www google search console login how to put your website on google search for free google webmaster tools google-site-verification
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